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Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 01:33:27 +0000

Good story, Harvy! When I got back on my bike after a layoff of a couple decades I came right back to toe clips. And it wasn't easy to do: new shoes don't work with cleats and I had a devil of a time finding toe clips and straps for a reasonable price. I even had people on organized rides tell me that I really needed to get rid of "those things" and get some good pedals. Funny thing is, I use clipless pedals and shoes on my off topic mt bike so it's not as if I've never used them. I just really like the toe clips on my vintage steel. I'm used to them, they work, and they look right. Guy Taylor - Anaheim, CA

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> Well last night I put some KKT Campy knock-off pedals and toe-clips on
> the commuter bike, and got out the old Detto Pietros with good, deep,
> cleats, and decided that I ought to practice with these neaderthal
> torture instruments before going to L'Eroica, for which they seem to be SOP.
> ::snipped for brevity::