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Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 17:05:40 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: [CR]Wheels make you faster, not frames.
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i have two sets of wheels. i can feel a difference when i have the lighter wheel on the rear, not as much on the front. my bike is fixed wheel and before i take off i lift the rear up by the seat so i can rotate the pedal around to the spot i like. even doing this there is a noticeable difference in which wheel is easier to accelerate. same gearing on each wheel. dura ace hb7600/open pro vs. campy record pista/saavedra turbo.

jeff piwonka
austin texas usa

--- Rich Pinder wrote:

> I'll second this feeling.
> The 700C Grand Bois tires I got from Vintage Bike
> have such a 'light'
> feel, it's odd to look down and see how fat they are
> !
> My old Grand Record with these tires, which I
> mounted on 'new' Velocity
> Aerohead rims, is such a joy to ride on long hauls.
> The super skinny
> tires are fine for 20-30 miles, but 100 mile days
> are so much nicer with
> this setup. The high scores for these tires from
> Jan's tests reported on
> rolling resistance in a recent issue of VB really
> translated into
> noticeable difference in performance. Until I rode
> them, I had been
> quite skeptical that such a difference could be
> possible
> Rich Pinder
> Van Nuys, CA
> >
> > Subjectively, nominal 30mm Grand Bois tires at
> ~90psi feel very fast to me.
> > Even compared to 20mm skinnies pumped up to
> 120+psi. And not getting beat
> > up and having to lift your butt of the saddle for
> every bump is fast in a
> > secondary/tertiary way I think. Plus good fat
> tires seem to corner faster-
> > which is a flavor of fast and I'm less apt to
> consciously slow when I get to
> > some funky road surface on wides.
> >
> > Kurt Sperry
> >
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