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Subject: Re: [CR]Craigslist outing, CA - Masi team bike?
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I remember that name. I think the Freight guys were connected somehow by riding or a friend of some club member. That info should be accurate in time and content. Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates CA USA

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Subject: [CR]Craigslist outing, CA - Masi team bike?

> Tom Gates writes:
>>>Regarding the "Masi Teams" perhaps Brian Bayliss can
> provide more info, but I think the coast team the Jim
> Allen mentioned was a Carlsbad team sponsored by
> Autofast Freight in the mid/late 70s - that timing
> doesn't jibe with the bike's desciption.
> Actually, that sounds about right... the bike's a '76 and he said the team
> s
> ponsor was a "freight or transport company."
> Bob Hovey
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