Re: [CR]Craigslist outing, CA - Masi team bike? (Bob Hovey)

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Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 09:02:13 -0700
From: "Jim Allen" <>
To: Tom Gates <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Craigslist outing, CA - Masi team bike? (Bob Hovey)
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Thanks for reminding me of the name of the club, Auto Fast Freight, has a senior moment and couldn't remember it.

Seems this is a legitimate Carlsbad Masi from Bob Hovey's contact with the owner, so bid accordingly...

Jim Allen the CycleSmiths Ranchita, CA 760 782 2737

Tom Gates wrote:
>Regarding the "Masi Teams" perhaps Brian Bayliss can
>provide more info, but I think the coast team the Jim
>Allen mentioned was a Carlsbad team sponsored by
>Autofast Freight in the mid/late 70s - that timing
>doesn't jibe with the bike's desciption. The other
>team was the San Diego Bicycle which was sponsored by
>Masi in the early 80's, we raced in yellow wool
>jerseys with MASI embroidered across the middle front
>and back - but that was after they had moved to
>Escondido were run by Ted Kirkbride, I think by then
>Simonetti had moved on to Medici, so that doesn't jibe
>either. Team Dare doesn't count because that was just
>2-3 years ago and those bikes where made in Taiwan.
>BTW Team Dare was also sponsored by Simonetti a few
>years ago and I raced a Mike Howard built aluminum
>model. Of course that was before he gained more infamy
>as the LA hair bandit.
>It's from the color it sounds more like one of the
>80's bike made in Escondido, I remember a few guys had
>green ones - 3-Vs and Nuovo Stradas.
>Tom Gates (former SDBC & TEAM DARE member)