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1. Regarding the chain inner plate shape. I'm familar with heavily embossed side plates where the relief, sometime substantial, seems to be style. And chamfering, sculpting, what I called "scalloping", is, yes, on all chains today. What I am referring to on this Sedis chain is a true 3 dimensional saddle looking out from the center. When the chain is laid flat, a liquid could settle into the center of each smaller plate, because each one looks dented, bowed, almost creased. Not that there's a need for this, but the links are even stopped from being folded back on each other by the creases in the inner plates.

This must have been an approach which was expensive to stamp and assemble. I don't see it on later chains from Sedis, Sachs, Shimano, Suntour, or Rohloff. I am ready for a book on the co-evolution of chains and chainwheels, something like what Henry Petroski has done in "The Pencil", on bridges, and toothpicks.

2. The value of the vaguely gold appearance is wasted on me, because I bought the bike to ride, not display,,,,,,even granting the period Gran Compe Royal 400 brakes the bike came with look better to me than newer sidepulls I've tried. <smile>

3. Harry Travis Washington, DC. USA

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=15I would surmise that it is likely a Sedis Sedisport model GT-7 (4 =15DEI-SO) chain that you are referring to in your brief description as =15provided. The "3 dimensional saddle shape" to which you refer is =15conventionally known as either cambering or chamfering ( =15differentiated from those instances where the inner plates of a given

=15chain are flat) and was an attribute which was incorporated into the =15design of derailleur chains so as to minimize the opportunity for ove r =15shifting. With respect to Sedis in particular, this feature first =15appeared in 1978 coincident to the introduction of their revolutionar y =15Sedisport chain, a bushingless design having inner floating links, th e =15aforementioned inner chamfered plates, and Delta hardened pins. Upon

=15its introduction, the original Sedisport instantly rendered all of its

=15competitors, predecessors, and contemporaries obsolete (...which is =15precisely why it is difficult to find anything other than this type of

=15chain in production even to this day). The advantages of this =15ingenious design are that the Sedisport not only shifted smoother tha n =15anything else on the market at that time, it was also 30 percent =15stronger and more durable, had 20 percent fewer moving parts, and =15weighed substantially less than any previous design using the same =15materials. And while early Sedisport chains are most often found =15having a "Noire" or "Black" finish, they were also available in an =15"Argent" or "Silver" finish, a duo-tone "Argent / Noire” or "Silver / =15Black" finish, or a "d'Or" or "Gold" finish as you described. Should

=15you wish to review a modest amount of information published with =15respect to the evolution of Sedis chains, you are welcome to do so by

=15following this link:


=15While I am hesitant to publicly speculate on the relative value of =15vintage bicycles or their individual components (...that is something

=15that I understand as being not too terribly appropriate in this =15forum), I will say that the Gold finish early 1980's Sedisport chains

=15offered for sale in NOS state on eBay tend to be somewhat coveted wit h =15used examples of same selling for substantially less money.

=15Finally, at the risk of overstepping my role as nothing more than a =15"contributor among equals" here on the CR List, I would be quick to =15point out that participation herein requires that everyone provide a =15full and unabbreviated name, city, state / province, and country =15coincident to each and every post (...this stipulation was included =15within the "rules for participation" which you received upon first =15joining the CR List). To not do so is to risk admonishment from =15listmeister Dale or possibly even revocation of your conditional =15membership (...counting the post to which I am replying, that would b e =15five consecutive instances now where you have omitted said =15information).

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=15>From: =15>Reply-To: =15>To: <> =15>Subject: [CR]Early 80's Sedis chain =15>Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 04:56:03 -0300 =15> =15>A thorouhly greasy Sedis chain emerged from a spirits bath with a a =15>vaguely gold color. The side plates have a 3 dimensional saddle shape I =15>have not noticed before. Not just relieved scaloped edges, but a =15>complete saddle. =15> =15>Can someone here direct me materials or archives about changes in =15>bicycle chain design? And whether this chain would be of value for =15>period and color purposes to some folks. (I don't mean great value. I t =15>shows no wear when compared, hanging full length, to a new Sachs chai n, =15>so I can use put it back on the late Nuovo Record 10 speed setup it c ame =15>from, a $15 value, no more, to me no different than a newer, grayer =15>chain. =15> =15>HPT =15>-- =15>----------------------------------------------------------- =15> =15>DemostiX =15>----------------------------------------------------------- =15> =15>_______________________________________________ =15>Classicrendezvous mailing list =15> =15>

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