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Subject: Re: [CR]Pre-American Confente bikes
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 23:35:40 -0700
To: brad stockwell <>
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Brad, as far as I know it is a 1973. I have posted some pictures of the bike on Wool-Jersey, +Confente/

These pictures were taken to document the condition of the bike upon its receipt. To me it showed that the bike was ridden hard but not abused. I was told that this bike and one other that i received were built by Mario for a friend and team-mate of his (local club team?). I was told it was built in 1973, most of the dated parts seem to back that up. the bottom bracket and steering tube are both stamped with a number "1". I think this means that this was the first bike he built once he had decided on the graphics and spade cut-outs (the over all look) he wanted for the bike to be marketed under his own name. This bike was not the first he ever built besides the ones he built under contract for other builders, like Masi. The other Confente I received is a earlier build (estimate 1970-71), it doesn't feature the spade cut outs, it had been repainted, so I have no idea what the original graphics (if any) looked like. As to how many other Confentes were built in italy with the Confente decals, I have no idea, but I don't think it would be many because Mario came over to the US in 1973 with Faliero Masi. During that year would he not have been making bikes under contract to Faliero, so how much time could he of had to market and construct bikes under his own name, prior to the move?

As to whether the italian Confentes would affect the value (or selling price) of a US Confente, I don't think so. As to the value of a italian built Confente, that would have to be determined by the market. I have no intention of ever selling mine, so I don't know how it can be evaluated without another one been sold on the open market. To me this one (Crema Confente, or #1) is just as desirable as a US Confente, if not more, at least until others turn up.

To me it is not about the monetary value of the bike, I just feel so very lucky been able to get it and share it with others that appreciate it.

John Waner Huntington Beach, CA.

On Sep 25, 2007, at 7:26 PM, brad stockwell wrote:
> On the topic of the Confente pictured in
> picture501.aspx
> I was wondering if anyone knows the year of this bike?
> If it really is a "pre-American" bike I suppose it would be '73
> or earlier?
> Brad Stockwell
> Palo Alto
> The Maaslands <> wrote:
> Jack brought up the two pre-American period Confente bikes
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