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Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 01:39:36 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR]Help ID markings on Campy BB cup...

Pat Moffat queried:
>I recently acquired an unidentified bike on Craigslist. The BB fixed cup
>is marked 'Campanolo con sfere DA 3/16" ',

'Man from the countryside with balls of 3/16"'
> and the spindle is marked
>'32-RN' on one of the flats. The spindle is otherwise unmarked. The
>threading is English. I believe the crankset is a Stronglight model 57.
>What is the meaning of the markings on the cup and the spindle flat?

I believe that's the rare titanium Super Record setup. It's a collectors item if the spindle hasn't snapped off yet, probably worth big buckx.

That's the only model I know of that used 3/16" balls rather than the usual 1/4" size. (Gave them room so the spindle could be a bit fatter than the standard steel one, in hopes that this would keep 'em from snapping off.)

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