[CR]hub cone question

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Subject: [CR]hub cone question
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 12:53:07 -0800
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"Yesterday, after fitting a track bike with a rear wheel and tightening the locknuts on the dropouts, I noticed that the wheels did not spin smoothly and stopped abruptly. I surmised that tightening the locknutsl onto the frame squeezed or put too much pressure on the cones, forcing it against the bearings instead of riding smoothly. I used a different rear with the same result. The spacing in the rear drop-outs is about 114 mm, and the wheels are approximately the same from locknut to locknut. As it is right now, the only way I can get the wheel to spin smoothly is to tighten the locknuts into a position where, when riding the bike, I would for sure pull the rear wheel forward or make it go into the chainstays.

Anyone have experience with such a problem and might know a ready solution? Both wheels have cup and cone bearings."


You don't say what hubs you are using, but I would guess that the axles are a little worn or just weak. One solution is to set the bearing preload loose (lock down the cone-nuts with some "shake" left in the bearings), then use the axle nuts to take the play out of the bearings. This will allow proper tightening of the axle nuts. This is actually a good way to set up any loose ball hub, but in your case it might take a bit more initial "looseness" than usual. Might take a few tries to get it right.

If that does not work I would swap axles as they are not holding the cone nut properly or they are bending.

Good luck, Jon Williams
Grants Pass OR USA