Re: [CR]More Musings on TA Cranks and WTT

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Subject: Re: [CR]More Musings on TA Cranks and WTT
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i've also always assumed that maybe the adapteur's design was perhaps a bit stiffer ? the ta rings seem so thin to me..

Andrei Padlowski Glen Ridge, NJ

if you are a racer or someone interested in changing chainrings quickly
> without unmounting the crankarm and pedal, then the TA professionnel
> adapteur is for you. If you are someone setting up bike gearing and
> sticking
> with it, like a non-racer, then the adapteur isn't necessary. If you look
> at
> a lot of old racing pictures, you will see many racers using these
> adapteurs.
> Peter "two down, one to go" Brueggeman
> La Jolla California USA
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