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Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 18:04:22 EDT
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Subject: [CR]PX-10 (Ed Granger)

David Snyder wrote: "I agree there are still quite a few PX-10 bargains out there.

Buyers who decide to buy a particular type of bike at a particular time tend to forget that with patience, an opportunistic buyer can score good bikes for pennies, while impulse purchases are subject to the whims of fluctuating supply and demand. That's OK for the few who can easily afford "high"-priced bikes, and even better for those selling them, and I'm glad that I've hung onto these French wonders.

David Snyder riding an all-Japanese 1981 Bianchi lately in Auburn, CA usa"

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There might be some bargain PX-10's along in the next few weeks, as a new eBay high for a particular bike often brings other nice examples out of the woodwork. Sometimes these are pegged with unrealistic reserves and opening bid prices, however. Other times there are enough to choose from that a nice one can be had relatively inexpensively, though not for yard-sale prices obviously. It will be interesting to see if some well-stored collectable examples emerge shortly ...

Ed Granger Lancaster, PA, USA

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