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Quoting Peter Kohler (snip) "...dollars to donuts that 90 per cent of this stuff isn't even beating the inflation index...".

I agree that it is often difficult to beat the inflation index, but the way to beat it is to be an opportunist...stand in the river as I do and sift through everything that floats by. Granted, a Cinelli has never floated by, and I don't own one. But I do have a Calif. Masi, a '71 Italian Masi, an Eddie Merckyx, an Austro Daimler with all gold ano. Galli. I recently purchased a 50's Torpado with all orig. Campy, Cinelli bar and stem, Magistroni crank. All at yard sale prices. Would I like to own a Cinelli, a 40 year old Colnago or a 45 year old PX-10? You bet. But I'll settle for my later built PX-10 with Super LJ Der set for $10 at a local swap or my delrin PX-10 for $80 at a Local Bike Shop. The Eddie Merckyx F/F was $20 at a Bike Swap...perfect except for one little top tube ding.... Early 80's Pog with all SR...$100 last winter off of Craigslist. I'm just beating the snot out of the inflation index. Of Course I work hard for my bikes...I look at lots of bikes and talk to many strangers before I even consider buying one. I have the time, and I enjoy the chase. Soon I'll be asking for help to identify a very intriguing Nervex lugged bike that I recently snagged from a Craigslist was listed as an "Italian sprinter"....

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How 'bout a non emotive benchmark to start with? Forget for a minute perceived value, recent eBay prices, rarity or it's what turned you on

at age 16 and you couldn't afford it. Start with what it cost in say 1969 dollars and what it would cost in 2007 ones.

So let's just assume a PX-10 cost $210 in 1969 (I think that's pretty close actually). In today's (2006 is the latest year avail of course) dollars that's $1176. And a Cinelli SC in 1973 was what, oh let's say $550 (again a pretty close estimate) or $2560.<>

Hmm. I bought my PX-10 on eBay back in 2002 for $450 I think. And I'd suggest the average price an ordinary white PX c. 1969-74 fetches now is still about the same in good, original condition. I bought my Cinelli SC, completely restored in 2003 for $1600. I think that was a tad on the low side. I'm sure not sharing with you guys stuff I paid way too much


So do the math with what you've got, of course you need to ascertain the retail price when new but that's not too difficult. Compare to what you paid now. And I'll bet you dollars to donuts that 90 per cent of this stuff isn't even beating the inflation index. "Honey, it's an investment, remember". Hmmm....

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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