[CR]San Diego Frame Builders/Painters Ride/Show/BBQ Oct. 14

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Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 19:26:28 -0400
Subject: [CR]San Diego Frame Builders/Painters Ride/Show/BBQ Oct. 14

The Frame Builders and Painters COOP (Brian Baylis, Carlos Martel, Ritchie

Ditta, Scott Dion and Chuck Slesinger) are holding their first Open-House Bike Show Ride n’ BBQ Sunday, October 14th. Everyone is welcome. All you need to bring are any beverages you plan on consuming. However if you wo uld like to bring some side dishes to share with the group, that would be great. (Help out the Starving Artists at the CO-OP). We will have Don uts in the Morning before the ride and Bratwurst on the BBQ after. The ride will be a 25 to 30 mile ride in the area of the CO-OP. Start time for th e Day is 9am; the ride will leave at 10:30am and return in about 2.5 to 3 hrs. So if you just want to come for the BBQ and Bike Show arrive at abo ut 1:30pm, we should be back from the ride by then. The CO-OP members will have a display of their Frames that they have built and show/tell us about

some projects they have in the works. Please email me off list to let me

know if you are planning on coming and how many people you are bringing with you. We need idea of how much food we will need to purchase. The address of the CO-OP is 8606 Argent st. Suite #E, Santee Ca., 92 071 See you all Sunday October, 14th for lots of fun and and real good time.

Sterling Peters=09 San Diego RSVP’s Donald Gillies; John Pergolizzi; John Waner; Joe Bell; Rob Robers on; Ken & Lisa Robb; Christine & Rob O’Callaghan; Brian Baylis; Carlos Marte l; Ritchie Ditta; Scott Dion; Chuck Slesinger; Sterling Peters; Dee Gordon; Mark Hanna; Jim Ogden; Chris Gonzalez;

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