Re: [CR]Superbe BB - What was so Unusual?

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Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 22:13:38 -0400
From: "coel canth" <>
To: "David Snyder" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Superbe BB - What was so Unusual?
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ok, i just mounted a pair of superbe pro cranks (the first version, i think, with 144mm bcd) on a campy double bb.. i believe the spindle was 113mm.. it clears the driveside chainstay by about 3-4mm... had i used the correct 108mm spindle as spec'd, it seems like the cranks would've been awfully close !

andrei padlowski glen ridge, nj

On 10/7/07, David Snyder <> wrote:
> All tapered square spindles have 2-degrees taper, and all Superbe/Sprint
> spindle tapers were "superbe" (Campy, ISO) sized (about 0.2mm smaller
> between opposite flats than JIS tapers).
> It's the odd 108mm length of the "later" (~1980's) Superbe and Sprint
> spindles, in Campy ISO taper size (same 2-degree taper angle as JIS) that
> makes these spindles unique and, as a long-obsolete wear part, hard to
> find.
> FWIW, an "effective length equivalent", spindle in JIS taper would be
> 103mm,
> the same as 7410-series (~1994-1995) Dura-ace. Perhaps NR Pista would be
> close?
> David "usually just uses whatever minimally clears the chainstay" Snyder
> Auburn, CA usa
> > In a message dated 10/7/07 5:24:07 PM, writes:
> >
> >> <<But what about taper? I thought that was the reason Grant and Riv.
> >> recommended a specific Phil BB for the Superbe.>>
> Chuck Brooks replied:
> > "Modern" BB spindles have a 2 degree taper, +/- seconds of a degree.
> It
> > is
> > not that critical, and seems to be one of those "over-hyped" "technical"
> > points which many folks agonize over. I think Grant made it out to be
> a
> > much
> > bigger deal than it is. I like Grant, but he does write good copy.
> >
> > The length of the spindle's tapered section and its cross sectional
> > thickness
> > is much more important than its taper.