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From: "Thomas Dockery" <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]ebay outing: interesting Pogliaghi
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 23:06:30 +0000
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Interesting bike.... I know this email thread will be mostly about personal likes and dis-likes...... but the chainring bolts are a bit much as are th e dice. Yes the wheels must go. In the eighties I was guilty of paining c ampy logos and seatpost flutes but I can't say I ve ever seen the brake lev er drillings painted. Could do with that too. The white hoods are strange for me, when where they introduced?

Just overall the price seems a bit high given for me.

My 2 cents,

Tom Dockery Los Altos, CA> Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 18:10:29 -0400> From: chasds@mindspri> To:> Subject: [CR]ebay outing: inter esting Pogliaghi> > Now that this bike has rocketed past my limit, I though t it'd be fun to out it and have a little discussion about it.> > For those
   who haven't seen it:> ><blah> =1&item=300158582393> > I especially like all the little paint details.
   And notice the little dice on the ends of the brake cables! As well as the
   cool little Pogliaghi sticker on the fork. I've never seen that before. Al so, note the Campagnolo graphic on the down-tube. I've seen those on backin g, but never on a bike.> > Note also that you can just see the stamped seri al number in the head-lug...suggests it's one of the last "authentic" pogli aghis.> > The wheels are hideous, but, hey, you can't have everything. That
   hasn't stopped the interested parties from having at it, though. I hate re d, and even I was thinking of bidding on it..too rich for my blood, now.> >
   I can't help wondering if this isn't a repaint. The lug cut-out fill seems
   *way* too good to be factory. I've seen a few of these, of this late vinta ge, in original paint, and I've never seen fill that consistent, or that ti dy. Usually it looks like someone did it at 4pm on a Friday, after an early
   start on the weekend..> > If it is original, it's a very nice job. and if it's a repaint, it's an even nicer job! If the main paint is original, you wonder if all that paint-detail was original too. It looks professional eno ugh that it might be. Early 80s Pogliaghis had some interesting details lik e this..if this is early 80s, and it appears to be, based on that fastback seat-stay arrangement...If the paint decoration is after-market, someone di d a really good job with it.> > The world stripes on the seatpost and stem,
   and the Cinelli sticker on the stem, are all nice touches too. All-in-all,
   an entertaining example of how to pimp out your mannerist italian steed to
   make it your own.> > I'm thinkin' I'm gonna decorate my own Pogliaghi this
   way, when I get around to it. Pretty nifty.> > good luck to whoever's bidd ing on it, if you're here.> > (for the record, it's too rich for me, but if
   you didn't have one of these, and you like red, 2K+ doesn't seem out of li ne, even with those disgusting off-topic rims..<g>)> > Charles Andrews> Los
   Angeles> _______________________________________________> Classicrendezvou s mailing list>> lman/listinfo/classicrendezvous