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Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 13:16:19 -0400
From: "Michael Schmidt" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]ebay outing: interesting Pogliaghi
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Check with Decalcomanie. Email is Phone in Italy is 39 0522.557727

Mike Schmidt Stirling, NJ Body clock still 6 hours ahead

On 10/12/07 12:55 PM, "Raymond Dobbins" <> wrote:
> I liked the world championship decals that are on the seat tube and stem, so I
> asked the seller about them and he said the bike came that way (same for the
> dice). Does anybody have a source for those decals?
> Ray Dobbins
> Miami FL USA
> Wayne Bingham <> wrote:
> While I can often appreciate detailing similar to what's been done on this
> particular bike, this seems like a classic case of "more is always better,
> and too much is never enough". All those little "extra" details need to
> work work together with the overall "look" of the bike. Nevertheless, I
> still have to applaud the thinking that motivated the builder, even if the
> execution doesn't really work (at least for me). I've been "pimping" and
> personalizing bikes in a similar fashion for as long as I can remember.
> Over the years, I've used almost every trick done on the Pog in one form or
> another, but never all of them at one time. And I've also done some things
> that even this person didn't think of. More often than not, I've been
> complimented on the detailing I've done on the bikes I've built, and often
> been asked about how to do it or why I though of it. An appropriately
> placed sticker, a little paint fill, an anodized bit here or there can often
> add to the overall aesthetic. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.
> So, now I've decided that I'm going to create an album in my Wool Jersey
> gallery dedicated to this type of detailing. It won't happen tomorrow, but
> I'll get to it. Stay tuned.
> Wayne Bingham
> Lovettsville VA USA
> On 10/10/07, wrote:
>> Now that this bike has rocketed past my limit, I thought it'd be fun to
>> out it and have a little discussion about it.
>> For those who haven't seen it:
>> I especially like all the little paint details. And notice the little
>> dice on the ends of the brake cables! As well as the cool little Pogliaghi
>> sticker on the fork. I've never seen that before. Also, note the
>> Campagnolo graphic on the down-tube. I've seen those on backing, but never
>> on a bike.
>> Note also that you can just see the stamped serial number in the
>> head-lug...suggests it's one of the last "authentic" pogliaghis.
>> The wheels are hideous, but, hey, you can't have everything. That hasn't
>> stopped the interested parties from having at it, though. I hate red, and
>> even I was thinking of bidding on it..too rich for my blood, now.
>> I can't help wondering if this isn't a repaint. The lug cut-out fill
>> seems *way* too good to be factory. I've seen a few of these, of this late
>> vintage, in original paint, and I've never seen fill that consistent, or
>> that tidy. Usually it looks like someone did it at 4pm on a Friday, after
>> an early start on the weekend..
>> If it is original, it's a very nice job. and if it's a repaint, it's an
>> even nicer job! If the main paint is original, you wonder if all that
>> paint-detail was original too. It looks professional enough that it might
>> be. Early 80s Pogliaghis had some interesting details like this..if this is
>> early 80s, and it appears to be, based on that fastback seat-stay
>> arrangement...If the paint decoration is after-market, someone did a really
>> good job with it.
>> The world stripes on the seatpost and stem, and the Cinelli sticker on the
>> stem, are all nice touches too. All-in-all, an entertaining example of how
>> to pimp out your mannerist italian steed to make it your own.
>> I'm thinkin' I'm gonna decorate my own Pogliaghi this way, when I get
>> around to it. Pretty nifty.
>> good luck to whoever's bidding on it, if you're here.
>> (for the record, it's too rich for me, but if you didn't have one of
>> these, and you like red, 2K+ doesn't seem out of line, even with those
>> disgusting off-topic rims..)
>> Charles Andrews
>> Los Angeles