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Looking closer at your pics, that bike is what I consider a definitive Colnago:

- Stamped lugs & bb (i.e., pre-investment cast) - This frame shows a culmination of all the detail niceties that had been evolving in frame building to that point. - Lovely, thin, long filed lugs (soon would be replaced by as-is investment castings, replicating that hand filed look but not the same.) - Might even be hand made scalloped seat stay top eyes, rather than a plug in pre made bit. (Brian Baylis, if you read this can you tell me if this era used plugs or were constructed using a concave piece of tubing etc?) - Reinforcement plug inserted in seat post lug ears. - Perfectly positioned top-of-bbkt cable guides (often screwed up by even supposedly knowledgeable builders) - Flattened/thinned (maybe dangerously so) rear dropouts. - Extremely nice fork crown. - Great seat post & stem, the best of the Colnago panto versions....? - That is for sure "ruddy brown" primer, IMO

All and all, I think that will be another show stopper under Ray's capable hands.

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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I won this bike on eBay last month, and I finally received it a couple of weeks ago. Now I have a page on my site dedicated to it. I call it Part One because so far the page includes the photos from the original listing, and the photos that I took after I got the bike out of the box last week. Coming soon in Part Two will be photos of the re-assembled bike, after cleanup, touch up and a couple of component changes.

Here's the link:


As always, all your comments are welcome.

Thanks for looking.

Ray Dobbins
Miami FL USA