[CR]Speaking of colnagos

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From: "Otis" <otis@otisrecords.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 08:47:28 -0800
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Subject: [CR]Speaking of colnagos

Speaking of colnagos, I managed to snipe my way to the electric blue '71 colnago that was on ebay today..what's up with you guys? that was a very cool bike. And very difficult to find in original livery.

I never thought I'd win it for that price. Either prices really are softening, or that auction was poorly presented (my own theory), or it's really not worth as much as I think....apropos of nothing, though, anyone have a thought about the odd ring on that bike? The one milled with the Milano fleur-de-lis? I've never seen that before, but it's gonna get added to the collection.

Charles Andrews

Yeah, I thought this was a really nice one but it wasn't my size. I should have outed it to list so you would have had to pay more and would feel better about getting it (smiley face thing here).

It was a very poor ad, and I think the paint is going to be a bit of a dissapointment. But if it were a 54 I would have been all over that one.

Cheers, Jon WIlliams
Grants Pass OR USA