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From: "Chris Plunkett" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]What else; Am I crazy/Peugeot
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 13:02:06 -0500

Proof is in the results no matter the "superior" zeal that a bike which sold for under $200 has to be crap. Multiple racing victories and an unrivaled marketing plan; for "ordinary stock racing bikes" Introduced cycling to Joe and Jane US citizen for the first time. Generated interest while driving record sales. Untraditional or inferrrior components you say! But mixed with the spirit of superstars like Thevenet, Merckx connected with folks and motivated a lot of people to get on a bike and dream big. That aspect has intrinsic value which can't be measured for some, and yes it would appear worth every bit of 3500.

Chris gas-pipe UO-8 Plunkett

Chicago, Illinois USA

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OK, I get it now. Peugeots were great because they could be had for next

to nothing, And the same sloppily brazed machine with plastic parts that

you got was the same machine that Thevenet, Merckx et all rode to great victories. And that makes one in nice condition and brazed in the glory

years when their quality was actually poorer worth $3500.00. ;-)

Georges "J'adore le France" Allen "Marquis de la" Fayette County, KY Les Etats-Unis