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I think I can. This is the bottom of the line we sold of the Olmo models. Straight guage tubing, Stamped dropouts. 27" Nisi or Fiamme Steel hubs,QR, later, wingnuts earlier in the '60's, possibly into the '50's also. Steel cottered Olmo/ Magistroni type swaged crankset, Gran sport dreailleurs, Earlier models rod ft. shifter, later ones box type push rod GS. They retailed for about $89.95 It's nice to love Olmo but the present buyer is besotted and the price has the fine cachet of emotional and irrational exhuberance! God love him, go for it! One man's meat is another man's poison. There's a cover for every pot. The next model up had sewups, forged Campy ends, Blue label Fiammes, HF Campy hubs, Gran Sport derailleurs, also straight guage tubing, steel cottered Magistroni cranks, usually steel chainwheels 47/50. Retail $129.95. Best model was full Campy as extant during those years upgraded as equipment introduced, slight price increase according to components. Red label Fiamme sewups, HF Campy hubs , earlier ones racing Magistroni cranks, alloy chainrings, GS derailleurs, Brooks saddle, alloy Ambrosio bar and adjustable stem, DB Falck tubing, forged Campy dropouts, started at $169.95. When Campy cranks were on think the price went to $189.95 Out here in California they were brought in by the Mole Family who had bought the John T. Bill Co in LA when the guys from the !900 age Co. retired. Papa and brother Mole were vaudeville unicycle performers and very well known. They had a shop in LA before they bought the wholesale house. Phil Mole Sr, was the So Cal ABLA (UCSF) district rep and sponsored many races and with a few others kept the sport going during the difficult depression and war years. The three Kids, Pete, Phil Jr, and Kate kept the business going until they retired. Pete Mole was a main person these last years popularizing and developing the Dahon folding bike line, so well-known today, He's even older than me if that's possible, but still keeps active in the Dahon Co. so far as I know. Just little trivia to give some provenance to the frame in case the bidding frenzy overtakes your senses and you succumb to the song of the sirens, or maybe Loreley.
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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> Can anyone add to our knowledge of this frame?
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