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Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 10:25:26 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]Ideor Asso (Ideor Ace)

Hi Peter and Chip,I am in the process of restoring twin '58 Ideor Asso

(track and road) bikes - turns out the track bike I raced in the '70's was a '58 Ideor (year I was born) under all

that paint! The '58 Ideor Asso road bike is being restored

as an Olympic model like yours Peter - with Magistroni/ Simplex Crankset, low flange Campy hubs, Campy Gran Sport gears, etc. Chuck's catalog from that era is a great help.

I'd be interested in learning more about that European sponsered team Peter, as I'm restoring the road bike as

a Tour de France or Giro di Italia bike from '58. Would be more than hap py to share pics of the already

restored track model, and upcoming road. Planning on

showing both at next years CR in Pasadena, CA. Will check

out your emails in the CR archives. PS Ted Ernst was kind enough to help date my Ideors via the frame numbers, and knows abit about them having sold them at his shop way back. I think they sold out of Montrose Bike shop as well.PPS Google Ideor Asso and check out the '46 track bike from

the Cupertino Bike Shop site. That gold and metallic flake magenta paint job is the one I'm using for the twins!Cheers,

Bill Ungar Torrance, CAHi, Chip---I was EXACTLY in your shoes three or so years ago ,when I picked up a 1960 Ideor Asso Olimpic as my firstback-into-the-vin tage-bike-scene cycle. They're ashort-lived ('50s-early '60s) marque whi ch sponsored aEuropean race team. They produced a range of five orso rac ing bikes (plus city bikes), most racers builtwith Columbus tubing. Lowe r models used Mannesmanntubing. Very decent machines.Chuck Schmidt at h ttp:// a repro Ideor catalogue well worth pickin g up.And DO search the CR Archives at th e term "Ideor" in the CR Archive search engineand you'll find my origina l posts and the MANY helpfulresponses I received from the great CR folks . I've gota few photos of mine I'll try to dig up for you.Happy hunting! Peter JourdainWhitewater, Wisconsin US of A --- Chip Barker <> wrote:> I just found one of these an d am having difficulty> collecting information> about it. Has anyone com piled the little information> there is about this> bike in one place? A bike shop in Montrose, CA> apparently imported them from> Italy but the owner has retired, it seems. Anyone> been on this trail before> me?>

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