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> Dear CR list Members,
> The link that Phil Sieg provided: http://www.ebykr.com/?p=69.
> http://www.ebykr.com/?p=69 by EBYKR.COM is a truly wonderful
> website with a wealth of information about IDEALE SADDLES and much
> more!
> I highly recommend reading it for a good history on the IDEALE COMPANY.
> It would seem that the saddle in question that Toni Theilmeier, found
> on a ladies bicycle in Germany would be made between the 1970's and
> 1981.
> There are later versions of the IDEALE DIAGONALE 92 saddle,at least in
> the men's model,BUT they are NOT MADE IN FRANCE.
> After Ideale went out of business it seems the rights to the name may
> have been sold and there are IDEALE saddles that are sold on ebay and
> elsewhere that say "DESIGNED IN FRANCE",where these "DESIGNED IN FRANCE
> SADDLES are actually made is open to question.
> Mr. Mel Pinto thought they were made in Eastern Europe and made at a
> later date,Asia.....
> I have a later, IDEALE 92 DIAGONALE that is DESIGNED IN FRANCE but
> made,probably in Eastern Europe.
> I bought it at a CIRQUE AUCTION IN GREENSBORO,N.C. several years ago
> from a listmember.
> At the time of the auction I was not aware of the difference of the
> saddles.
> I paid $120.00 for the saddle at the charity auction.
> I have not used the saddle.
> I will sell it for $120.00 postage paid,shipped in the U.S.A.
> (insurance
> extra).
> This is virtually a new saddle BUT it is the DESIGNED IN FRANCE
> Any questions,send me your phone number off list and I'll give you a
> call.
> There is a remarkable IDEALE SADDLE ON EBAY RIGHT NOW auction item
> number: 180169548730
> NOS NIB, exceptionally rare IDEALE COLUMBIA, in honor of the space
> shuttle "COLUMBIA".
> My saddle will seem like a bargain at only $120.00
> I would say you got a great deal,most likely Toni T. with your purchase
> of a bicycle and a like new IDEALE 92 DIAGONALE.
> I do not know where the name came from.
> Maybe one of the list members in France could speak to your question on
> the origin of the saddle name,since most Ideale saddles just have
> numbers.
> Yours truly,
> Marty Walsh in Vienna,Virginia, U.S.A.

Dear all, great list this, so many answers to my post. Thanks to the lot of you.

My saddle says clearly, "Made in France" on both side flaps although it

has no metal badge but the "Ideale" script stamped in the leather where

one would expect the metal badge. What I´ll do is that as soon as my

son returns from his holidays with the digital camera I´ll take a snap

of this unusual (to me) saddle with all those stampings in the leather

and post in on wooly.

The saddle having been made for touring purposes suggests that my idea

of it having been named after the French "Diagonale" randonneuring routes might be true.

Regards, Toni Theilmeier, Belm, Germany.