Re: [CR]Cottered Pin Threads.....THANKS, Bertin is Riding !

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Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 18:12:39 -0700
From: "Rich Pinder" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Cottered Pin Threads.....THANKS, Bertin is Riding !
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Well, thanks to everyone's help (offline too) - with Ted pullin me back to reality and David cluing me in on how to measure correctly - I went to a well stocked auto parts store and FOUND a nut that works. The threads are right at 1mm spacing, as David suggested. And with Reids kind offer that he just may have the EXACT nut to send me from his stash (which is domed and looks much more classy than the shiny, squarish one I found), I'll probably end up with just the exact right one !! On these old bikes, do you ever wonder "now, I wonder who and when that part got lost from this bike" !!!

So with a tightened crank, I actually RODE the humble Bertin for the first time. Heavy wheels and all !! It is one of the oldest (running) bikes I've got, maybe in the 60's or so?? Even though it has Reynolds tubing, I'm quite sure the heavy Huret and Durax and chrome wheeled rims are what make this bike feel less nimble than others - but it rides nicely just the same. I look forward to bringing it along to an upcoming Rose bowl ride here in So Cal.

Thanks again to this list - the new found friends I've been lucky enough to make, the 'histories' around how these bikes all come to stay with me here in Van Nuys, and the MUCH needed diversions these little projects give me are priceless.

And re the fires - thanks to those of you who wished us well out here in these terrible fire storm days. I told a few of you - my Sister found out this morning that they lost their home down in Poway, near San Diego - and I've been forwarding her all sorts of well wishes and notes of sympathy... she'll read some of them and probably reply "now Rich, tell me again, who are these Classic Rendevous folks ??"

Rich Pinder Van Nuys, CA

Mark Stonich wrote:
> At 10/23/2007 11:54 AM -0700, Rich Pinder wrote:
>> The Durax crank on my Bertin is missing the nut on one of the cotter
>> pins.
>> So I went to my local hardware store, and had no luck finding a
>> mate. I then saw a pin-set for sale on Ebay - but when it came, the
>> pin was not correct diameter, and the nut wouldnt fit the original.
> Rich,
> You may have trouble matching the threads unless you replace the
> cotters. I sell cotters and cotter presses and haven't noticed a lot
> of consistency in threads.
> What diameter pin do you need? I stock 9mm (French) and 9.5mm
> (English) and I can get 8mm and 8.5mm from a local supplier.
>> Does anyone know what threads (size or type?) we're talking about
>> for this nut ?? Would early french items be what we call 'metric'
>> today, or are other types involved ??
> France officially adopted the Metric System in 1795, but until fairly
> recently there were no agreed upon "standard" thread pitches. In the
> US you will not find fine pitch metric nuts in a hardware store.
>> The pin is 40mm long, and the thread diameter seems about 7mm
>> diameter at the threads.
> 7mm is also pretty rare and you wont find any 7mm fasteners in a
> hardware store. Sort of like trying to find 13/32" nuts to fit your
> Sturmey axle.
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