Re: [CR]Interesting ebay auctions, one ending very soon

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Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 08:22:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Fred Rednor" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Interesting ebay auctions, one ending very soon
To: CR <>
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I wish the man's frame were my size. If so, I would have bid and worried about pickup later... :-)

Now, there are 2 things about the man's frame that really pique my interest:

1) This lugless frame was built from Reynolds 753. It seems as though many 753 frames were brazed with brass filler rod, despite Reynolds' recommendations. But a fillet-brazed 753 frame seems really unusual (and impressive) to me.

2) The way "lugless construction" was expressed in French: "sans raccord". Is "raccord" the proper word for Lug in French?
      Au revoir,
      Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia (USA)

--- The Maaslands wrote:

> Norris has written at length about the French builder Carré
> and about
> his enviable record of building bikes for the pros. Well, if
> your
> interest has ben tickled by all of these reports, you have
> teh
> opportunity today to buy not only one but a pair of Carré
> bikes: a
> man's and a woman's version, with the man's version even
> being built out
> of Reynolds 753. The auction ends in 4 hours from now, so do
> check it
> out ASAP:
> The men's bike is lugless 56 cm frame and the woman's bike is
> a lugged
> 53 cm frame. Th eseller will even accept paypal,
> unfortunately they
> request that the bikes be picked up in person.
> In the following auction there is 1983 51 cm Masi Prestige
> being sold
> from Italy:
> This bike looks close to mint. I was under the impression
> that this same
> bike was offered previously and sold but am not able to find
> back any
> record about it. This auction ends in about 21 hours.
> Again for lovers of French bikes there is a lovely Alex
> Singer which I
> believe is being sold by a CR list member. The bike is a 50
> cm C/T frame
> , so most definitely not for the taller rider. The bike does
> however
> have most of the fancy doo-dad accessories, so is worth a
> look. The
> auction ends in about 12 hours:
> Then an auction that I would like to point out for the
> absolutely
> artistic quality of the photos:
> This is not meant to downgrade the masters of bicycle
> photography like
> Ray Dobbins, but these photos, taken in the fall foliage
> simply speak to
> me. I suppose it also helps that the bike is also near
> perfect and a
> real beauty too. It is a 55 cm C/T Eddy Merckx with Super
> Record reduced
> gruppo. You can also tell that the owner has put a lot of
> thought into
> the bike, even going so far as to match up rims for the
> intended use,
> with a Mavic GEL 280 front rim and a sturdier Mavic 330 rim
> for the
> rear: a bit like in the old days when they would fit a 40
> spoke rear
> wheel and a 32 spoke front. It is also cool to include a
> musette bag, a
> different size stem and super cool Eddy bar end plugs. If
> only I could
> shrink a few inches...
> Steven Maasland
> Moorestown, NJ
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