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RE: Bob Jackson Legend

CLASSIC FRAMES LEGEND, SUPER LEGEND both of these frames are built with hand cut lugs fabricated in Bob Jackson's shop. Additional ornate work can be done on these frames (Price on application). Standard tube set is 631 / 525, however any other tubeset can be used for the main triangle. The rear end must be constructed of 531 if the Curley rear is to be retained, otherwise the rear triangle can be constructed of any material. Oversize tubes are not an option with these frames.

TANDEMS TOURIST TANDEM, RACING TANDEM are built with either 3 WINDOW or SUPREME / LUGANO lugs. The LEGEND (Curley) Tandem uses hand cut lugs as the Legend / Super Legend frames. Frames are available in either 531 or 631 in standard size or oversize versions.

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... legend. saw one of these (a frame only) in College Park the other day.

any info appreciated.
r clair
alexandria, va 22308