Re: [CR] Artistic but distracting ebay auction

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Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 15:48:00 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] Artistic but distracting ebay auction

I too prefer more basic studio type bike portraits, and I think Ray's photos are indeed admirable. However, although I agree in principle about the distractions of ANY background clutter in bike photos, I'll still applaud this seller who consistently takes great effort to clearly show his auction items in considerable detail.

Not so the bulk of ebay sellers who really should have someone else take their photos... at least, if the really do intend for us to see the actual condition of their components or bikes. It is not easy for an amateur to master photographic technique, and there are also often the constrictions of their available camera equipment. But, I do think some sellers seem to use a guise of ineptitude to mask serious flaws in the items they are selling.

This is certainly not the case with the seller referred to - who, by the way, I have observed gradually progressing in his photo abilities over the years. -- Kudos to any of those who even try to bring us very close up to their bikes and give a good sense of what we may be bidding on!

Think I'd better go out right now and work on my own photographic skills.


Garth Libre wrote:

"This auction was referred to as being particularly artistic:<blah>

I would say that although the use of fall colors is nice, but as a tool for display or as a sales tool, I think it is not ideal. I favor what Ray Dobbins is doing with photography instead. Although deceptively simple, Ray really brings us into the heart and soul of a bike. The ebay seller on the other hand, I think has created a distracting background. If you could say that the colors match, then you might also say that the seller just got lucky with the fall leaves because it's the time of year when that's what's in the backyard. ..."

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