Re: [CR] Ideale adjustable seatpost? Now SR MTE..........

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From: "David Snyder" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Ideale adjustable seatpost? Now SR MTE..........
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007 21:19:55 -0800

The MTE posts were first introduced around 1984 iir, and I ordered one immediately. Relatively off-topic, but I at first thought you were referring to an SR LaPrade post and thought I'd chime in to say that replacing the top cradle on these with the steel top cradle from their lower-tier versions (as still used on the MANY Chinese clones to this day) adds perhaps a half inch of additional setback to the venerable, well-on-topic SR LaPrade! Not only is the front edge of the narrower steel top "cradle" a good bit more rearward, but the steel ones don't as readily collide with saddle rails as they pinch inward near the front, allowing you to slide the saddle back even more. I have filed (inward and upward) the alloy top cradle's rail troughs in the past, with unknown loss of strength. but the steel ones will always still offer more setback and always seem to torque up solidly.

David Snyder riding fitted in Auburn, CA

> On a search to improve the fit on a couple of on-topic tandems (longer
> stoker position), I'm hunting 2 seat posts w/ fore and aft adjustment. I
> don't know if the SR's are on topic or not, I always associated them with
> early MTBs, but they've got a good application here, and I've no idea when
> they were released.
> I need a 25.4 for the Follis, and a 27.2 for the Mercian.
> And Dale's forgiveness if these are determined to be out of
> bounds.....................
> Please contact me off list if you can help
> On Oct 27, 2007, at 6:52 PM, henox wrote:
>> Subject: [CR] Ideale adjustable seatpost?
>> Stronglight 49 asked:
>>> Has anyone seen one of these? Ebay item 150172279048
>> Yes, I have one but unfortunately one of my cats peed on it and it now
>> has
>> an undesirable patina.
>> Peter Johnson has one which I have occasionally half-heartedly tried to
>> talk
>> him out of. He has resisted so far.
>> Um, yes, a very quirky and interesting item.
>> Hugh Enox
>> La Honda, California
> Gene Powell
> Rad Finishes
> Portland, OR