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I hope all those wondering about time line cut offs and such have wandered around in the CR archives and gotten a feel for it... The bottom line is that no particular date would work for everyone and in the end, I just decided it would remain 1983... Tullio Campagnolo's death is a big part of that. The growth/wider use & development in mountain bikes, welded frames vs brazed, aluminum & other materials, oversized tubing, clipless pedals, cyclo-computers, click shifting, cassette hubs, lycra,? etc., etc., etc.? Sure, there were some of these things before that date... Sure, some vintagesque stuff continued after (that's why we use the Keeper of the Flame designation). But in the end, the final cut, 1983 is not bad to use, and either way, that is the decision. Period.

Now, what about so called "C-Record"?

Unlike a few of my buddies out there, I do not think much of C-Record.? I believe C-Record is sort of aesthetically "pretty" in a heavy handed and clunky way but I feel it is a denigration of what the old man stood for and it demonstrates Valentino's immature and unwise leap into "doing his own thing"... an effort which came off rather badly.?

To wit:

- Delta brakes that rusted internally, had inadequate tire clearance, were heavy and hard to work on, and even when properly breathed on, didn't work all that well ....

- Rear derailleurs that had sprung upper & lower pivots but worked only marginally better that GS/NR/SR but with shorter range and were over weight too.

- Shift levers that worked OK when friction or ratcheting, but then along came Syncro 1 and 2? that was so bad it set Campy back millions of dollars and years of acceptance.

- Brake levers that didn't fit the hand, were awkward & fat, had poor overall engineering & mechanical advantage.

- Hubs that had goofy dust caps that are easily damaged and hard to work on... plus high flanges that broke off easily!

- Cranks with goofy crank puller reverse threaded caps that you needed a unique puller for. - Need I mention SGR pedals? Gag!

In the C-Record, Triomph, Victory Chorus era, Campy was struck such a huge blow in prestige and such a loss of users that it almost knocked them out of the bike business!? And we won't mention the equally stupid mountain bike stuff Valentino's crew came up with! Tullio had to have been rolling over and over in his grave!!!

So phooey to C-Record (even though I have a number of bikes with it and they are pretty cool.. Ha ha!)

Dale Brown
Greensboro, North Carolina USA