[CR]Was: 1983 cutoff. Now Shimano actually collectible???

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Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 00:42:44 EDT
Subject: [CR]Was: 1983 cutoff. Now Shimano actually collectible???
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Roberto A. Clair wrote:

<< ...What i would give for a decent Shimano Dura Ace 7400 group today>> -------------------------------

Dale Brown pondered:

<< ...Are we seeing the start of a new era?? Up till now, vintagesque folk yearned for 1st gen Dura Ace, Dura Ace AX, maybe bits of early Deore and Arabesque 600, but now ....7400????>> ---------------------------------

Dale, I don't think they could possibly be considered "vintage", But many of the components manufactured by or before 1990 seem to mark yet another notable cut-off point of sorts, before introduction of later truly modern component changes. In some cases, these would even include the very first of the 8-speed components. Perhaps these features are among those which Robert Clair considers of value... as do I.

Below are some examples of what I mean. ---------------------------------------

Dates shown in Brackets [--/--] are the introduction dates of these Last versions, as dated on Shimano's specification sheets. Some were actually continuations of earlier AX or EX models. And, some continued for several more years into the 1990s. Others were soon discontinued due to modifications to accommodate STI (1991)

I discovered these distinctions when "Restoring" a NOS frameset from circa 1990 with a full contemporary pre-STI D-A gruppo.


BB-7400 Bottom bracket --- Last square taper spindles with ball bearings and steel cups [09/88]

FC-7402 crankset / 7402 chainrings --- Last polished silver rings without any take-up puns & ramps. [09/88]

BL-7400 Brake levers --- Last non aero [06/85]

BL-7402 Brake levers --- Last of the true "Dura-Ace" pantographed aero levers... Last D-A levers before STI [08/88]

BR-7400 Brake calipers --- Last single pivot brakes [08/88]

SP-7400 Seatposts --- Last of the 1-piece forged alloy posts (by Nitto) [10/85]

HS-7400 Stems --- Last of the invisible bolt stems (again Nitto) and Last D-A stems ever.[10/85]

HP-7400 Headset --- Last ball bearing headset [09/88]

SL- 7402 d/t shifters --- Last D-A pantographed (9-speed had Dura-Ace painted on) [11/88]


So, definitely OFF-TOPIC... but, since you asked...

........ Whoomp, there it is!


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