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Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 21:30:49 EDT
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Maybe I'm the last one to find out about these, I don't know, but they sure are cool. I used to import Marresi 24 years ago but they ran their course and I haven't seen them for awhile. I just became aware of a couple of retro models they are making - L'Eroica (clever name, eh?) and Storica (Historic). The first is a racing shoe with a Look pattern plastic sole, but with leather uppers and laces. The second is a touring shoe with leather uppers and leather sole, and a heel. Very cool looking, and in brown or maroon color. Check them out at http://www.calzaturemarresi.com/eng/HOME.html Click on Catalog. I thought I would bring some of them in again if there was enough interest. They are kinda pricey, what with Bush's Euro costing us so much. I figure they should sell for about $225 for L'Eroica and $300 for Storica, but in order to check them out, I would offer them to the list for $175 and $250 for a limited time. I will accumulate orders for a couple weeks, then if I get enough I will ask you for some money and then order the shoes. So let me know, and pass the word. If I get enough interest I may order an extra 20 prs or so to have on hand, but they would be at whatever the regular retail price should be.

And if you have not seen my pics of L'Eroica and touring in Tuscany, make yourself some Pizza Margherita, open a Birra Moretti, and enjoy:


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