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Quoth Mike Fabian:
>I believe Jerome K. Jerome is a pseudonym for H.G. Wells.
>Maybe some of our more erudite CR listees can confirm ?
>Mike Fabian


From: http://nostalgia.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerome_Jerome

Jerome Klapka Jerome (May 2 1859 - June 14 1927) English author. Born in Walsall, Staffordshire. Brought up in poverty in London.

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H._G._Wells

Herbert George Wells (September 21, 1866 - August 13, 1946)

From: http://www.jeromekjerome.com/threemen.htm

"Somebody once accused H.G.Wells of 'hiding his intellect and trying to pass himself off as another Jerome'."

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