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Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 09:04:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: "dave martinez" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Legnano is here- 'before' photos
To: Larry Myers <>
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Hello Larry,

Congratulations on such a great find.

Regarding the missing downtube logos... Many years ago, I was visiting American Cyclery (When Oscar Juner owned it). A customer brings his green Legnano in and asks Oscar if he'd sell it for him. The Legnano had no downtube logos. Legnanos of the era had enameled logos on the downtube not decals. I was very much interested in purchasing it from him as I had been looking for a Legnano, but I resisted, because the unique downtube logos were so much of the Legnano appeal for me. These days, you can purchase presentable downtube decals for your bike.

Regards, David Martinez Fremont Ca US of A

Larry Myers <> wrote: Hi, Gang-

My much-anticipated Legnao 'Tipo Roma' arrived today (2 days early!), and I have a few questions for the Legnanophiles in our group...I would like some info on the date of manufacture- the seller stated that the bike was originally purchased in 1969, at Berkeley Velo-Sport. The Brooks saddle is stamped 'A-67', and neither the Campy rear derailleur or the crank arms have a date stamp, and the Campy front derailleur is the type with the cable stop The serial# is 194...any way to date the bike from these bits of info? There is also no 'Legnano' transfer on the downtube, or any sign of one ever being there...I have owned several other Legnanos, and this the first one I have seen that lacks that detail... The tubing is Falck; I have heard of this tubing before, but this is the first bike I have owned that actually has the decal on it. How does this tubing compare to other classic tubesets? Any info would be much appreciated- to see pix of the bike, fresh from being unpacked, follow the link below. As you'll see, the bike is in remarkably fresh condition- apparently all original except for the bar tape. Over the winter, I will completely overhaul & detail it out- look for some 'after' pix come springtime. This bike goes nicely with the beautiful '59 Ideor I just got from Nelson Miller; pix also forthcoming of that bike. I now have an early-70s Legnano 'Gran Premio' project (58cm) that I would like to pass on to someone with the time to finish it.....not a complete bike- it lacks cranks, saddle, post and some other goodies. If you are interested, contact me off-list, and we can do some trading.

Larry Myers Portland, OR, USA .....where it very abruptly just became winter.

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