Re: [CR]Help regarding removal of everest freewheel from rear campy hub

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Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 11:31:18 -0500
From: "John Thompson" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Help regarding removal of everest freewheel from rear campy hub
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> Got myself in jam. Was trying to remove a freewheel from a wheel with a
> campy hub. The body of the FW appeared to have a typical 2 slot type fitting so
> I used a suntour freewheel tool which seemed to fit pretty well. I clamped
> on the QR so the fit would be snub and as I was turning counter clockwise
> using a large wrench, the FW gave or so I thought. The slot of the FW ended up
> being damaged (slot widened by 75%). The FE didn't budge. Now I can get the
> darn thing off. I removed the cogs and tried to undo the outer plate that
> retains the bearings but this didn't budge either (didn't have the right tool
> for this though).
> Any bright ideas would be appreciated. Don't really care to save the
> damaged freewheel but would like to preserve the rear hub. BTW the spokes/rim are
> still attached to the hub.

The Regina 2-prong remover is the proper size for Everest freewheels, but if the slots are munged it may not help at this point.

There are still a couple options. Remove the axle completely and a *large* Easy-Out tool will usually work.

When you tried to remove the outer cone on the freewheel, did you remember that it is a left-hand thread? Often a drift punch is helpful in loosening it. Put the tip in one of the pin holes and tap the punch to rotate the cone clockwise.

Good luck!


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Appleton WI USA