[CR]re: Galmozzi

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Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 05:33:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kevin Moran <gridplan@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]re: Galmozzi

What would you have me say, Bob? I bought the Galmozzi knowing it was a hash of parts. That doesn't bother me. Those I can replace over time provided I can lock down when it was made, which I assume is '71 given the date on the rear derailleur. When I receive it I will check the hubs to see what the dates are on the lock nuts.

My only real disappointment is with the paint. I saw the chips on the seat stays and wrongly thought the paint was original. It was not until a couple of minutes after buying it that I recognized the traces of the CyclArt logo. Regarding the price, yes, in hindsight I wish I'd gotten better value for my money, but only because of the paint. The money I spent doesn't faze me. I think of how much some off-topic bikes cost and take heart at the comparative value of steel bikes.

As for the seller, I don't feel he victimized me. He sold the bike on consignment and did the best he could to describe it. I had the opportunity to ask further questions; I didn't. Mea culpa. I checked his feedback prior to buying. He's been selling for over 4 years and has a rating of over 500, all positive. As for why he didn't post your comment, he said he got a lot of them, mostly positive, but had difficulty determining which were legit (yours being one of them).

Kevin Moran Bloomington, Indiana USA
> I emailed the seller early on to point out the
> repaint (he had not "noticed" the partially obscured
> decal) various odd parts etc. The buyer noticed
> little before hitting the buy it now button and said
> he would reEbay the bike if he didnt like it(wish I
> could blow $2500 in such a cavalier manner)
> Seller was quick to respond to my email but did not
> change the discription or post my information. Buyer
> fell victim of "buy it now fever " without really
> looking closely at what he was buying. I think we
> have all fallen victim of this type of seller in the
> past but hopefully in not such a spectacular fashion.
> I suspect that if buyer or seller are list members
> we will not hear from them either.