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Subject: RE: [CR]Introduction of bottle cage bosses
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To add to Peter's question - I have what I think is an early 60's Cinelli also with downtube water bottle braze ons. The bike was repainted in the mid 70's - so it's possible that they were added - but the bottle braze ons are just like the braze on for the mudguard on the chainstay bridge and is not of the style typically seen in 70's frames - so my guess is that the DT braze ons are original. There are no other atypical braze ons on the frame. Anyone out here have an original paint frame from +/- ' 63 with those braze ons or have any facts about that?

Roman Stankus Atlanta, Georgia USA
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> Any idea when bottle cage boss braze ons date from? I have
> what I think is a 1965 frame (repainted) with a pair of them
> on the down tube. It's a Harry Quinn so I think you could
> specify braze-ons but I worry these bottle bosses may be a
> later addition...
> Peter Kohler
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