Re: [CR]re: front changer

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Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 18:41:21 -0500
To: <>
From: John Betmanis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]re: front changer
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At 02:04 PM 09/11/2007 -0800, Peter Brueggeman wrote:
>should be no problem with a Simplex lever front changer. On my Sun Manxman,
>I have a 20 tooth difference for its Simplex lever front changer but I don't
>know which cage depth it has. See

That does look like a fairly deep cage to reach what looks like a 36 tooth ring. The one I'm getting looks shorter.

Something else I've noticed on these Simplex changers is that there is a small ring stop screw that appears to stop against the downtube and the lever has a small piece of rod welded to it at right angles acting as a stop for the big ring position, also stopping against the downtube. I can't see the latter on the one I'm getting, so I wonder if it's broken off or just an earlier model that didn't have this. I'll know when I actually receive it.

John Betmanis
Woodstock, Ontario