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Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 08:33:01 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: RE: [CR]Love is in the air ! GRIPS
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Dee: If the grips your are referring to are 'hoods' or even the rubber hand grips of the kids bike kind, then the use of one of the automotive spray protectants for rubber and butyl products is in order. There are several brands to consider, but I avoid the "Armor All" because of the petroleum base. A product called "Son of a Gun" or some other substitute can work by opening a slight gap in the hood/grip and the metal it covers. Spray the product in the gap and see if you can work it in with your hands. that is get it to soak in to all the crevasses and then let it soak overnight. Next day see if it is loose by twisting the rubber and if not put a little more product in and repeat. I have been sucessful at saving, removing, and restoring hoods this way. BT wrote: I have a pair of grips that I need to take off without ruining them. Any ideas on that? I was thinking about sticking something under like a blunt screwdriver and then spraying some soapy water in there to make it slippery and then working around it, spraying again. Any ideas?


-Dee Gordon Los Angeles
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> ... here, at the moment. just used a spray can of womens'
> hair stuff to
> put some rubber grips on some bars. they are now in like
> flynt, and not
> going anywhere.
> assume this is an old mechs trick !!
> rc
> alex, va 22308

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