[CR]Vintage fixie, headbadges and track-end-travesties

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From: Julius Naim <julius.naim@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 09:00:55 +0000
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Subject: [CR]Vintage fixie, headbadges and track-end-travesties

I have no problem with vintage steels being used for fixed set-ups. A number of vintage bikes, especially English frames (presumably due to the weather), were sold with flip-flop hubs ready to switch to fixed wheel. For example my Sun Mass Start had a Resilion flip-flop hub ready to go fixed (although I tend to leave the mech, back brake and shifter on rather than strip it all off).

I, like others on the list, am glad to see steel frames being put to use but am sad to see original paint works and decals getting stripped off.

I recently took my Sun to be refinished by Mario Vaz as it had been badly painted by myself many years ago, when I went to collect the frame he asked if I wanted the head-badge put back on or not. I couldn't believe he was even asking but apparently most jobs he gets (from those not on this list) are couriers who want a featureless frame, no decals, braze-ons, head badges and, worst of all, track ends fitted.

Only a year ago fixed wheel riders would pull up along side me at the lights on stripped down but original finish frames, and while they only viewed them as their winter hack, this would make for an interesting commute. With recent trends I keep seeing other riders in London on frames that I can't ID and, as a bit of a bike-spotter,
that makes me rather sad.
Julius Naim
London, UK