Re: [CR]Any KOF female builders?

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Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 08:47:24 -0500
From: Michael Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Any KOF female builders?
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Two, perhaps three Le Cirques ago, a lady named Diane showed up at cirque with two bikes, a highwheeler and a purple steel lugged frame. Here is a photo of Brian Baylis taking the boneshaker out for a spin around Battleground's parking lot.

Diane built both bikes and as far as I can remember, she never did attend another Cirque.

Mike Schmidt Stirling, NJ USA

On 11/26/07 12:35 AM, "Charles F Nighbor" <> wrote:
> I asked Robert Freeman of Davidson handbuilt frames about any KOF female
> builders and got this reply
> ''Charles
> Not sure of any today, but Georgena Terry is worth mentioning from a few
> yrs ago, and also Pat Hanlon. I have a very nice Pat Hanlon frame from
> 1965 purchased last summer. See
> Pat was not the
> framebuilder herself but she was the name on the frames. She employed
> top quality builders. Mine is thought to have been built by WB Hurlow.
> Lugwork supports that.
> Robert D Freeman 402 Merritt Ave NE North Bend, WA 98045-8920
> 425-888-3577work ''
> I know about the 70's paramount woman builders. who else is out there
> worth mentioning in the USA.
> Curious
> Charles Nighbor
> Walnut Creek, CA