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Subject: Re: [CR]Bike shops in Portland ?
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 20:19:03 +0000

sorry but i did forget one important shop thats also well worth yr time jen i belive is the gals name who owns bike central it has recently moved down to 2nd downtown so u might wanna call for specific directions since the current phone book does not list the new addy its between oak and pine theres a stumptown coffee shop on third just s blk away once again ifn yr into caffiene most of the best coffeeshops in pdx use stumptown beans.... anyhoos thers no vintage/used stuf there but they have one of the largest inventories of nos and recent vintage nitto track stuf from euro-asia imports that ive seen all the latest "bobish" goodies a tripper to portland with bikes on the brain should not miss bike central peace sarahgibsonkansascity

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Thanks for the good info....and thanks for taking the time to post

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theres lots of decent shops in pdx check out sellwood they often have interesting vintage iron when there a cupla wks ago they had several sweet machines

molly cameron has a shop downtown called velo shop mostly track/fixie stuf but worth a visit and only 1 blk from the main powells half n half in between is the best coffee right there and then theres the reading frenzy next door a good little zine shop ifn yr into that sorta thing...

community cycling center on 17th n alberta has lots of used stuf if yr there on a wed they have "scrap day" 2p-5p dive into their huge dumpster frames r $5 an armload of bits $5 they also have a good amount of tools available to the public the recyclery on 10th or so not so far from the main citybikes shop (and directly across the street from the lucky lab brewery....) is all used ya gotta dig n get greasy but always worth yr time and right down the street is clever cycles they specialize in all the euro touring/city sorta machines now available there another bike coop on mississippi used stuf once more and the city bikes "annex" also on ankeny has a rm of used stuf yr free to dig thru and display case in front with the more choice items have fun take an extra suitcase or take advantage of the 24/7/365 post office out by the airport peace sarahgibsonkansascity

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Anything that caters to the classic lightweight crowd. Also, any suggestions for bike rental (easy riding city bikes) for just riding around...maybe something with mud guards on the outside (!) chance that one would encounter rain...


Pat Moffat Tempe AZUSA can't remember the last time it rained out here in the desert

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