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Subject: RE: [CR] Slipping Cinelli bars
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Never thought about this before but what usually holds the 2 layers together in the hbars and is the "sleeve" put on before the bends are formed? Len Diamond Ridgewood, NJ USA
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>Subject: RE: [CR] Slipping Cinelli bars
>Most of the Loctite varities (609, 648, 680) that would be good for this are
>the wrong viscosity...they won't flow into the gap, unless you could come up
>with a way to get some pressure behind them (then they'd be great). Loctite
>290 will flow into the gap, but I don't think it'd be as good as a thin
>Franciscan Hobbies (on Ocean) carries a good range of cyanoacrylate
>adhesives (Bob Smith brand, if I recall correctly), including one with very
>water-like viscosity that should do the trick. I think you'll want the one
>called Insta-Flex. They also sell fast-curing catalysts that will prevent
>the white finish that sometimes happens when superglues dry in air, and some
>Un-cure stuff to remove excess. That would be my next stab, possibly with a
>couple of rivets on the underside, near the stem clamp (but make sure the
>gap in your glamp is such that you can get the bars in and out with this
>fastener's head sticking up there.
>Good luck.
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>To be clear, the slipping is not occuring between stem and bar, but between
>the bar sleeve (with the stamped Cinelli logo) and the actual bar.
>Unheard of, maybe. But these bars are probably some of the cheapest bars
>Cinelli ever made - the upright bars that are rumored to have been installed
>on the Pope's Colnago. While they are cheap, they are very rare and quite
>There is a very thin gap between the sleeve and the bar caused by a slightly
>curving bar and a completely straight sleeve.
>Can anyone suggest a glue that is like water that will penetrate the thin
>gap? I know it sounds like a rig-fix, but superglue????
>Mark Buswell
>San Francisco, CA
>On Nov 8, 2007, at 11:33 PM, Mark Buswell wrote:
>> On a pair of aluminum Cinelli bars that I have, the clamp sleeve has
>> begun to slip (on the bar, not the stem).
>> Does anyone have any ideas on how to resecure the sleeve to the bar?
>> I've been thinking glue but I don't know of a good glue to secure
>> anodized aluminum pieces together. Another option might be drilling a
>> VERY SMALL hole through the sleeve and into the bar, then screwing a
>> tiny screrw through both with some loc-tite.
>> I don't know. Anyone have any suggestions? This is a very special pair
>> of upright Cinelli bars that I'd rather not ditch.
>> Mark Buswell
>> San Francisco, CA