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Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 10:33:02 -0800 (PST)
From: Fred Rednor <>
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> Derny was the name of a specific company that manufactured
> Entraineurs
> (used to pace bicycles in certain road races and on the
> track) and for
> training. They also made other machines for touring and a
> tandem for
> touring as well as something that was close to being a moped.
> Modern
> Dernys are still being made in Europe with I think mostly
> Steyr Puch
> motors. The rules governing the design and construction of
> these
> machines have not changed significantly over the years and do
> not allow
> for any variation in design. They do not have rollers. Only
> the full
> size pacing motorbikes have rollers. Many tracks do have have
> adapted
> motorcycles for training and many have rollers but these are
> not Dernys
> in any sense of the word.
> Please some pictures I posted at:
> These pictures apart from the model are from the Boneshaker
> article on Dernys.

Thanks for the details, Hilary. Alos, I eventually found this Web site, which will help put things into perspective: By the way, the "Historical" page gave the correct name of the Derny company. It wasn't Derny Brothers as I had (mistakenly) remembered. Rather, it was Roger Derny and Sons.

These photos are from the Web site and should clarify things a bit. Derny racing:

"Ordinary" motor pacing:
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