[CR]Italian Racing Bike Lot in Craigslist...

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From: Flushbye@aol.com
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 14:20:18 EST
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Subject: [CR]Italian Racing Bike Lot in Craigslist...

Lookie what I found in the Atlanta, GA Craigslist the other day (see below). I emailed the fellow less than 8 hours after the post and was ready to make a trip down from Greenville, SC but his response was delayed. I finally heard from him today - The collection has been SOLD. Well, I thought you guys might enjoy his post. Isn't this what we all dream about??? Maybe the bikes were full of rust and weren't worth getting anyway : )

For a few pictures and his original post visit:


Ken Drescher Greenville, SC USA


For sale is a collection of vintage road race and track bikes from the eighties and early nineties. The bicycles were ridden by the Georgia junior champion and Olympic hopeful, John Pavich. Most of the frames were purchased in Italy and picked up from the factory in person. These bikes make up most of his cycling career and have been taken out of storage for sale to someone that is willing to clean them up and/or restore them.

At the time, these bikes represented tens of thousands of dollars of technology and framing. The blue Pinarello bike was a custom frame made for a youth rider and picked up at the Pinarello factory in Italy. It's a short frame and has custom sized wheels and handle bars for a young cyclist. It's perfect for a beginner or someone that wants to get their kids started in the sport.

The list consists of:

1-Faggin Road Bike $250obo

1-Pinarello Track Bike $300obo

1-Colnago Road Bike $300obo

1-Colnago Master Road Bike $250obo

1-Colango Road Bike Frame (painted red) $75obo

Various Parts and peices including sprockets/pedals/etc

Multiple wheels $75obo

1-Training Rollers $100obo

Or, purchase the entire lot for $1000

There's more than I can picture here. Please contact me for additional pictures. These bikes were not properly stored so they have some surface rust that has formed on the frames. The Colnago road bike is in the best shape as it is the newest.

Each bike will come complete with all components. Each bike is equiped with Campagnolo parts. The Colnago Masater has a specialty set of Campy brakes that retailed for over $600 when new. The red frame pictured next to the wheels (although repainted) was picked up from the colnago factory and was riden by Ernesto Colnago himself as my dad purchased the bike. Since it has been altered and is incomplete, the frame is being sold for $75.

The lot of wheels is being sold for $10 a wheel.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all. I'm willing to part out the entire package if needed. I'm sorry, but I do not have any measurements for the frames. You can come by and look at them if needed. Thanks for looking.

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