[CR]Old Repair-Stand Bicycle Scale?

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From: "Jim Langley" <jim@jimlangley.net>
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Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 14:17:54 -0800
Organization: Jim Langley - Bicycle Aficionado
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Subject: [CR]Old Repair-Stand Bicycle Scale?

You may be familiar with the current Ultimate Bicycle Support Alpine Scale, which fits in any bicycle repair stand and lets you weigh your bicycle or components. I'm wondering if any of you can remember or may have seen a vintage scale like this. I seem to recall seeing one somewhere but can't find a picture in any of my older books or magazines. I'm thinking it was in a picture showing a superlight bicycle at a bicycle show, hanging from a scale held in or on a repair stand. It may have only been a fish-type scale, but that's okay. If you point me to any examples I'd appreciate it. Thanks very much and ride safe out there,

Jim Langley
Santa Cruz, CA