[CR]Humbled by an original Legnano owner

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From: PBridge130@aol.com
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 15:03:10 EST
To: internet-bob@bikelist.org
cc: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Humbled by an original Legnano owner

Rolling up the easy climb from Torrey Pines beach, heading north toward Del Mar yesterday, I caught a fellow on what was clearly a vintage bike. When I pulled alongside, I discovered a well-used Legnano, cottered cranks, Campy HF hubs, Universal brakes, etc. I wish I had pulled around on his right to check out the ders, but I didn't. I was on a modern bike.

We chatted. I guessed at the age of the bike, and I was off by a decade -- I now realize why -- I had Universal 68's and 61's confused in my mind, silly mistake. Ed told me that he had bought the bike new, in 1961, and that, when he borrowed the last twenty bucks to buy the bike, he had told his mother that he would never need another one... so here it was. I was so stunned, that I failed to ask the obvious questions -- what had been replaced, etc.

I asked him if he was aware of Classic Rendezvous -- he was not. I told him that I had a pair of brake hoods for him. He was surprised -- he said that he had been unable to find hoods.

Anyway, he won the class ride award for the day, as well as the no-waste conservation award. And he was spinning along at a nice tempo, too. I'll call him later today, and figure out how to hook up with him to give him the hoods.

Peter Bridge San Diego CA USA

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