Re: [CR]Another (unusual) Prior hub...

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Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2007 15:42:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: Peter Tutty <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Another (unusual) Prior hub...
To: nick Bordo <>,
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Whatever this wheel originates from, it's not a tricycle . A tricycle hub would have a facility (spline etc) for an tricycle axle, not a conventional bicycle axle.. This wheel clearly is from a single or tandem bicycle. I've seen non sporting type tandems without gears in the past, although perhaps Nick is corrrect about a porteur style bicycle.

Peter Tutty Londonderry, NSW, AUSTRALIA.

nick Bordo <> wrote: Rick Burns wrote: Nick, You obviously have the drive wheel from an industrial bicycle or tricycle. These workhorses are used the world over in refineries and other industrial plants, mainly by maintenance workers to haul parts and tools.This particular wheel could be 60 years or 60 days old, the designs don't change that fast But one thing for sure, it is OT here. BTW: is it Bordo, or Bordeaux, or March or any of the other Noms de ePlume you have been using?

Rick Burns Streator, IL usa

Thank you indeed Rick for that really useful info, like I'm now the proud owner of a industrial tricycle wheel. Have you ever heard of a Porteur ? I think it likely as not comes from one of those. And dates circa 1955. I just wondered whether anybody who had any knowlege of cycling would know the Prior drum brake hub. Regarding the BTW bit, my name is indeed March, when I set up my account I was living in Bordeaux. As to OT, if Porteurs are OT, the wheel is too. If Porteurs are on topic, then a prestigious brand like Prior with aluminium must be too. BTW, did you get to hear the rumour about the Masi industrial monocycle/wheelbarrow ?

Nick March, Landes, France

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