[CR]Ideale adjustable seatpost- Now Andre Mahe

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From: "John Barron" <jb@velostuf.com>
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Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2007 18:15:49 -0500
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Subject: [CR]Ideale adjustable seatpost- Now Andre Mahe

I had one of these once. New in-the-box. Very cool. No indication of "Ideale" anywhere on the part or the box.

Go here http://www.velostuf.com/velostufgalleryseatposts.htm

And then scroll down a bit.

John Barron

Minneapolis MN

http://www.velostuf.com http://www.velostuf.com/

Stronglight 49 asked:

> Has anyone seen one of these? Ebay item 150172279048

Yes, I have one but unfortunately one of my cats peed on it and it now has

an undesirable patina.

Peter Johnson has one which I have occasionally half-heartedly tried to talk

him out of. He has resisted so far.

Um, yes, a very quirky and interesting item.

Hugh Enox

La Honda, California