[CR]E-Bay outing Really gorgeous '66 tall Paramount frame

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This is one of the nicest Paramount frames to go through E-Bay in a while, in my opinion. It seems to be a 24" and may not be a P-10 as the seller feels.at this date, a P-13 deluxe road racer would have eyelets, too, as Ed Granger slyly pointed out to me this morning.

There was not a P-10 in 1966, according to the catalog pictured in the Schwinn Lightweight Data book online. There was the standard road racing Paramount P-12 and the Deluxe road racing Paramount P-13. Looking at the catalog specs though, it is hard to discern any differences. All I can see is the crank, Stronglight steel vs. Campy record alloy. That for a $51 difference in price. The geometry and frame specs appear to be the same, clear up through about 1972, when you can see the P-13 frame pictured with campy top tube cable clips instead of braze-ons. Can anyone shed any light on other differences? The chainstays in the one on ebay look to be about 45 cm, and the ones on both bikes in the catalog seem to be 43 cm. That's just measuring off the picture and calculating. The margin of error could mean they are the same. My 1962 P-12 (which has no chrome by the way) has 43 cm chainstays. Seems the specs and models remained unchanged until 1969 when they no longer offered the P-12. The P-10 doesn't show up until 1973 by the way, along with the P-60 and P-65 ladies models. The P-15 first appears as the Diamond Jubilee Paramount in 1970. And the first mention I see of the P-13 as coming stock with sewups is 1970, although it was probably an option before then. My 1972 P-13 has no eyelets and has shorter chainstays, closer rear brake reach, and top tube cable clips. Maybe that was the first year of the real racing spec P-13?

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