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Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 15:25:55 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]Cali Masi #0308


Correction regarding removing the "Milano" from the HT and ST decals. Wh en I was there during that time it was OPTIONAL to remove the Milano fro m the decals. I prefered NOT to remove it. Since there was a considerabl e amount of time during which this was happening and quite a few differe nt painters and helpers; the removal of the Milano was not a consistant detail during this period.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

-- "Bob Hovey" wrote:

I agree Jim, it's hard to be sure since photo colors are always pretty v aria ble. But remember that the yellow in the Carlsbad decals was pretty lig ht t oo, much lighter than the 80's decals or the current Carlsbad reproducti ons

that SSSink does (something I hope Gary'll fix one day).

Bob Hovey Columbus, GA

Steve & Bob,

I think that it's may be a repaint.

The first decals we had printed in the late 70's/early 80's were printed

in Los Angeles by Colortone. They were water slide decals and the yellow

in the decals was a bit lighter as was the blue.

From the picture it appears that the decals are those, can't be sure of


Jim Allen the CycleSmiths Ranchita, CA 760 782 2737

Bob Hovey wrote:
> Steve;
> Silver with blue-panel decals was a standard Masi offering. The paint is

> obably original. Yes, the DT decal seems a bit high, but it has the c orre ct
> seat tube bands. The real tipoff is that the word "Milano" has been razo re
> d out of the HT and ST crests... this was standard practice at the tim e an d
> it is a detail that many repainters overlook.
> Bob Hovey
> Columbus, GA USA