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I also have three of the plain black torbo saddles from the early 80's. I believe in the plain black saddle there were two models. One was a little more streamlined with a little less padding and obviously a little lighter. Both very comfortable and durable. I still use mine on three of my bikes. I also have two rolls saddles with the fancy gold accents. I do believe they came out with them first with Turbo copying them soon after.

Ed Busch
Vonore Tennessee-USA

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>> Did they have made the Turbo prior to the Bernard Hinault endorsed
>> version?
> I think the original black Turbo didn't have Bernard Hinault on it, just
> Turbo on the rear and side of the nose. I bought my first one in 1982
> without
> Bernard Hinault. I also have a Turbo with small world championship
> stripes,
> but otherwise, like the original. I also have a Special Turbo, and a
> Professional Team model that commemorates Miquel Indurain's five Tour de
> France wins.
> It is black with yellow fabric on the lower rear corners and embroidery on
> top about the tour wins. I've owned Turbos in brown, suede, yellow,
> white,
> black, and blue. I suspect they came in other colors too. I rode one
> for over
> 20,000 miles in the 80s. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA
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