Re: [CR]Poseurs and Le Poseur Jersey

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Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 19:47:39 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Poseurs and Le Poseur Jersey

amen brother,I have the good fortune to have rediscovered my love of racing bikes reatively late(50) now 52 and acquired a small stable of bikes(4) 1 cr vintage nishiki 2 retro era (by campy only standards) and a cr vintage derosa frame(79,80) built up with the help of a fellow listmember with a mixed bag of original super record and the group that dares not speak its name. its all good . while riding aforementioned derosa in the rather spacious parking lot complex of our local elementary and middle school (2 of many) I spied a peloton composed of posers,non posers,near posers and the like. my kit was comprised of a baggy t-shirt, a bandana ,(no helmet i was only on the tour d'ardmore,my neighborhood) some baggy khaki shorts and sperrry topsiders.never the less and not withstanding i embarked on a feverish chase to catch up with the riders and perhaps cruise with them for a bit. you know ,have a chat, eye some candy, you know. ..thank god i wasn't wearing my molteni merccx world champion jersey.after a mildly uphill chase of 3/4 of a mile to only gain sight of some lovely stragglers at the rear of the peloton kick it up a notch to climb uphill and draw closer to the pack i realized i was way out of my league. fortunately on the cr vintage rides there have been some pals to fall back and not make the tail end so lonely. anyways got to go get that mote out of my eye.whatever the .. they are. something larger than a speck i'd assume.... kevin ruberg howell nj not to make any excuses but my ejection fraction is 28 and falling under a load and 40at rest for you medical and or cardio freak good

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